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You might be surprised at the number of broadband Internet options available in San Francisco. Internet offerings have come a long way since the days when dial-up Internet was your only choice. Faster speeds now give you the power to do more on the Web: watch movies, play video games, and video chat with friends and family around the world. Each type of broadband Internet has its own specifications and possibilities. If you have a wide selection of broadband Internet options in San Francisco, it's a good idea for you to compare and contrast capabilities.

Frequently asked questions about broadband Internet Options

As you're exploring your broadband Internet options, you may have a few questions. Gather information that will help you make a decision about which type of broadband Internet will best suit your needs and which providers offer it.

What broadband Internet options are available in San Francisco, California?

You could choose from several broadband Internet options exist, depending on providers in your area. These options include:

  • DSL (digital subscriber line) - This broadband Internet option uses existing phone lines to provide Internet service without interrupting regular telephone service.
  • Cable - By using the same coaxial cables that deliver cable television programming, cable Internet offers transmission speeds of 1.5 Mbps or more.
  • Fiber optic - With fiber optic Internet, signals are converted to light and transported through glass fibers.
  • Satellite - With a satellite receiver, customers can access the Internet with satellite broadband Internet. Customers who don’t have access to other broadband Internet options could choose this option, even in rural areas.
  • Dial-up -Dial-up service uses your existing telephone line, but you will not be able to make or receive phone calls while you're online. Dial-up Internet is also much slower than most broadband Internet options.

Will I need to install a lot of equipment in my San Francisco home?

Different Internet providers have different methods of installation. Some will send professional technicians to your home to install what you need and make sure it's functional. Others will send you the equipment to install yourself. Even if you choose a provider than requires you to install the equipment, the process should be simple. Typically you will just connect a modem to your telephone or cable line and then connect the other end to your computer. Providers often offer online and telephone assistance to help you through the process.

How do I find out more about San Francisco broadband Internet options?

If you'd like to learn more about your broadband Internet options, including Internet bundles you may qualify for, you could call and speak to a representative today. Find out about pricing and availability in your neighborhood so that you can make a choice than best fits your needs.

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